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We know that there are other video production companies out there but it’s important to know how they differ…Explainer video companies usually fall into 2 camps. 1) Those that use templates and stock graphics to mass produce hundreds of videos each month 2) Those that use fully custom visuals and animations for each project they work on.  Super Explainer Videos falls into the custom camp.

Obviously everyone would choose the custom video over one that is made via template (using stock graphics and templates runs a pretty high risk of coming across another video online that looks nearly identical to yours – terrible for branding), but custom videos tend to cost a LOT more, typically north of $10,000 for a short 60 second clip.

At Super Explainer Videos, we offer the custom video experience without the custom video price tag. Our videos are just as visually pleasing and effective as the more expensive studios, but just made at a more consumer friendly price, giving you the best of both worlds.

If need an animated video, chances are we can make it – whether it’s cartoon animation, motion graphics, kinetic typography, whiteboard, etc. but since we’re specialists and don’t like spreading ourselves too thin, we don’t really dabble in live action video.

Regardless of the type of animation you want, we’ll make your video a lean-mean-marketing-machine, using super-potent influence techniques focused on converting viewers into buyers.

Every video is unique and prices will depend on a number of factors such as length, style and complexity so it’s hard to give an accurate quote here. If you absolutely need a number, expect to invest anywhere from $3,500 – $7,000 for a 2D animated video.

Contact us at to go over your requirements so we can provide you with an accurate quote.

Every project starts off with a free consultation call, where we’ll go over your objectives and requirements for your video. We’ll then have enough information to effectively brainstorm to write you a kick-ass script.

Once the script is completed, we’ll gather around 5-10 professional voice-over samples (reading your actual script as opposed to generic demo files) for you to choose from.

After we are able to get an awesome sounding VO, our team will get started on your storyboard and character illustrations. We’ll make sure to cater the storyboard to your team’s business objectives.

The final part of the process is when your video finally comes to life. Our team will take your voiceover, storyboard, illustrations and combine them with some great background music / sound effects, finalizing your video. Everything will be delivered to you in full HD and will be fully compatible for you to put on your website, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc.

Our process takes anywhere between 4-6 weeks, depending on the video. However since we welcome your input and feedback, the length of time will be largely dependent on you, the client. We understand that things come up and sometimes it may take a while for you to reply back, but please understand that will delay your project deadline.

We recommend between 60 and 90 seconds. This is the perfect length to get your message across to your audience clearly. Research shows that audience engagement tends to fall off after 90 seconds.

Payment terms are pretty simple. We require a 50% deposit upfront to get started and 50% upon completion, when we’ll send you a watermarked version of your video for you to look at. We’ll then remove the watermark and send over the HD version as soon as the final payment is received.

We accept bank transfers, checks and credit cards (a 3% fee will be added to CC payments).

We absolutely do. After all, this is your video and we want you to be thrilled with the final product. However, revisions must be within the scope of the project.

Creating an explainer video is like baking a cake. Think of each part of the process as an ingredient. The script-writing is the flour, the voiceover is the eggs, the storyboard/illustrations is the sugar, and animation is the whisk that blends everything together. Once a part of the process is approved (by you the client) and we’ve moved onto another phase, it’s impossible to go back without starting over from scratch (i.e. being in the animation phase and requesting changes to the script is pretty much like asking to switch to a different type of flour when you’re already whisking all your ingredients together).

If absolutely necessary, we can go backwards to make changes, but there will be additional cost applied in situations like this for the additional time and resources needed.

It’s simple! You can either fill out the form to your right or email us at to schedule a free strategy session.